Understanding and Using the Photoshop Color Wheel

Photoshop has a variety of colors for graphic designers to access Photoshop. Still, if you wish to use the color wheel feature, these step-by-step guidelines will help you know how to access the color wheel feature on Photoshop and how to use Photoshop’s feature.

Step-by-step guidelines on how to create the color wheel on Photoshop

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Step 1: Create a new canvas

Your first step is to create a new canvas to work on. To do that, proceed to the top-left side of your screen and click on Files. In the drop-down menu that shows up, click on New, and move to the main screen to fill the dialogue box that will appear on your screen. Once filled, proceed to click Ok. A fresh canvas is ready for you to use.

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Step 2: Changing the hue color picker

To access the color wheel feature on Photoshop, the next step makes it possible. To begin, click Ctrl + K on your screen. By clicking Ctrl + K, a dialogue box pops up with a Preferences menu. The main aim of using this dialogue box is to change the hue color picker from the hue strip small to the hue wheel small simply because that’s the only way of displaying the color wheel on Photoshop.

The default selected option here is Hue strip small.

Screenshot (362)

Step 3: Selecting the Hue wheel small

Once you have the dialogue box opened, please proceed to the HUD color picker, click on the arrow in front of it, and in the drop-down options you see, click on the Hue wheel (small).

Screenshot (363)

Step 4: selected HUD color picker.

Once you choose the Hue wheel small, all other pieces of information on that dialogue box do not concern you. Scroll to the right-hand side of the screen and click on Ok.

Screenshot (364)

Step 5: Creating a new layer

Right after that, you need a new layer to proceed with your work. To create a new layer, click on the Create new layer located right between Group and Delete.

Screenshot (369)

Step 6: Using the brush tool

The next step is how to use the color wheel feature. To do that, pick the Brush tool, press Shift + Alt, and right-click. Once you do that, a color wheel appears on your screen to choose the color you want and the value of the color. On the box located at the center of the wheel, select the color’s value while on the wheel, i.e., the wheel, choose the color you desire.

Screenshot (370)

Step 7: Selecting the color

Once the color wheel appears and you choose your color and value, you can use the color selected at will for whatever you want.

Screenshot (371)

Step 8: Repeat the process

For as many times as you need access to the color wheel, the process is the same. Pick the Brush tool, press Shift + Alt, and right-click on the screen. The color wheel appears for you to make your color and color value selection to use.

Screenshot (372)

Step 9: Color view

As in the image above, you can see the two colors selected from the color wheel feature.


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The color wheel feature is one of the easy to use features on Photoshop, and with the above easy to follow guidelines, using the color wheel feature will be a straight forward task afterward.

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