Photography is a craft that requires creativity, skill, and equipment. While we all know that high-quality gear can come with a hefty price tag, there are some tools that are simply essential. One of those tools is a tripod, which can make a world of difference in achieving stability and framing the perfect shot. But what about those on a budget? Is it possible to find a high-quality tripod without breaking the bank?

The answer is yes! As both amateur and professional photographers can attest, finding the right tripod is a crucial investment. And luckily, you don’t have to spend a fortune to find one that fits your needs. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned pro, we’ve got you covered with this comprehensive list of the best tripods under $200.

From lightweight and compact options to sturdy and versatile choices, we’ve scoured the market to bring you the best tripods that won’t dent your wallet. So, whether you’re out in nature or in a studio, you can capture stunning photos with ease. Are you ready to level up your photography game? Let’s dive into the top picks and find the perfect tripod for you.

Key Takeaways

  • The Vanguard Altra Pro 263AB with Ball Head is the top pick for the best tripod under $200 due to its high-quality ball head and flexible features.
  • The MeFOTO RoadTrip Classic with Ball Head is the best value for a budget tripod due to its compact size, lightweight, and versatility as both a tripod and monopod.
  • Both tripods have pros and cons, such as the Altra Pro not being recommended for fast action shooting and the RoadTrip Classic not being ideal for heavy equipment.
  • When choosing a tripod, consider factors such as maximum load capacity, height, flexibility, and compatibility with your camera equipment.
  • Neewer Carbon Fiber tripod is a surprisingly affordable option with reliable ball head and lightweight construction, ideal for travel gear.
  • Manfrotto BeFree tripod is highly portable, compact, and durable, with a maximum load capacity of up to 8.8 kg, making it a perfect tripod for adventure photographers.
  • Geekoto Video Tripod is a sturdy carbon fiber tripod with a fluid head mount, offering more precision than ball heads and ideal for videography.
  • Tripod height and load capacity are essential factors to consider when choosing a tripod, depending on your photography needs.
  • Always be mindful of the weight and size of your gear when choosing a tripod, and make sure it’s compatible with your camera or smartphone.
  • Budget tripods can be an excellent option for beginner photographers, videographers, or those who don’t want to break the bank on expensive gear.
  • The Ikan E-Image EG01A2 tripod offers versatility, reliability, and precision, making it a great value for the money. It has a fluid head that allows for maximum control during filming, a load capacity of 11 lbs, and a maximum height of 62.75″.
  • The K&F Concept TC2534 66 Inch tripod is made of durable and stable carbon fiber, can be folded for maximum portability and ease of storage, and converts to a monopod. It also has an Arca-Swiss compatible quick-release plate and a universal bracket for use with a wide range of devices.
  • The Ikan E-Image tripod has a long quick-release plate on the tripod head, which can have issues with some DSLR and mirrorless cameras. The K&F Concept tripod can be a bit heavy.
  • Both tripods offer a lot of features and functionality for under $200 and are suitable for a variety of shooting styles and disciplines.
  • It should be sturdy and durable, made of materials such as aluminium or carbon fiber. The weight of the tripod should also be considered, as it should be able to support your camera equipment without being too heavy to carry around.
  • The tripod should also have features that complement your shooting style, such as a fluid head for smooth pans and tilts, a bubble level indicator for easy adjustments, and versatile 360-degree panning.
  • The height of the tripod is also important, as it should be able to reach the necessary angles for your shots.

Who Says Tripods Are Supposed To Be Expensive? Get These Instead!

Vanguard Altra Pro 263AB with Ball Head – Our Top Pick

Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB 100 Aluminum Tripod with SBH-100 Ball Head for Sony, Nikon, Canon DSLR Cameras, Black

Taking the top spot for one of the best tripods under $200 is a contender with HIGH QUALITY for a REASONABLE PRICE.

Budget Tripods Often Come Lacking in Features, But This One Is an Exception!

The Alta Pro is an aluminum tripod with a HIGH-QUALITY BALL HEAD that is easy to set and adjust. It’s extremely flexible!

The best part is the small features it didn’t leave out, making it the BEST TRIPOD UNDER $200, in our opinion!

Itching to Know More? Check These Out!

  • Features bubble levels to keep your shots aligned
  • Made of high-quality aluminum legs
  • BEEFY flip leg locks to keep things secure
  • A HIGHLY FLEXIBLE center column that tilts and rotates
  • Weighs ONLY 5.4 lbs
  • Can double as a monopod and a tripod
  • Has rubber feet and retractable metal spikes
  • Has two tripod leg extensions and can be adjustable to different angles for FLEXIBILITY

Sounds amazing right? We haven’t even mentioned the functions that make it stand out more!

So basically, this tripod has a max load capacity of 15.4 lbs! Surely, that can handle all the essential photography gear you’ll be mounting on this quality tripod and more.

When it comes to shooting photos, you have the added flexibility of shooting both high and low-angle shots, too!

With a maximum height of 68.1″ and a folded length of 28.1″, maximizing your tripod while maintaining that level of PORTABILITY is a guarantee, in our opinion!

But of Course, There Are a Few Things to Note With This Tripod.

Since the tripod head is compact, it’s not recommended with fast action shooting like wildlife and sports.

The ball head is also not Arca Swiss compatible, which can be easily remedied by getting a quick-release plate that is compatible.

It’s not built for HUGE and BULKY CAMERA EQUIPMENT like a telephoto lens or heavy full-frame DSLR cameras, but most DSLRs and mirrorless cameras would surely work WONDERS!

Another one is that this aluminum tripod may not be high enough for some users, but it can always be fixed by raising the center column!

It can rise up to 5’4″, and then adding the ball head and camera will most likely give you a COMFORTABLY SHOOTING POSITION!


  • Fantastic features that offer flexibility
  • Has a high-quality ball head


  • Not Arca-Swiss compatible

MeFOTO RoadTrip Classic with Ball Head – Best Value

Swinging into our list of best tripods under $200 is a HIGHLY ACCLAIMED RELEASE by MeFOTO that just SHINES in VALUE. You definitely get more than what you pay for with this budget tripod!

Wondering why?

Well, it’s a compact travel tripod that packs A LOT of features for such an affordable price!

Just imagine, it weighs only 3.5 lbs so it’s perfect to bring around with the convenient camera bag that comes with it!

Now, We Bet You’d Be Surprised by the Features That It Has, Too!

  • 360-degree panning for accurate panoramas
  • Two leg angle positions for added flexibility
  • Spring-loaded recessed hook to add weight for stability
  • Dual-action heavy duty ball head that fits an Arca-Swiss style compatible quick-release plate
  • Bubble level to make sure your shots are angled right
  • Get the height and versatility that you need with five leg sections

That’s a lot of functionality for such a small tripod, right? That’s PRIME VALUE for the price, right there!

What if we tell you that this SMALL but MIGHTY tripod has a maximum load capacity of 17.6 lbs for equipment, as well so don’t let the size of this travel tripod fool you!

In our opinion, the BEST PART about this is it doubles as a MONOPOD and a TRIPOD, too!

Transitioning from a tripod to a monopod is quite easy! You just need to remove one of the aluminum legs and attach it to the base.

And Yet…It Still Comes With Minor Drawbacks

If you’re thinking about using it with a heavier full-frame camera, it wouldn’t be ideal!

This tripod would be better with small to medium-sized mirrorless cameras, instead.

So if you’re a travel photographer or a video vlogger, the ease and functionality of the RoadTrip Classic will absolutely SATISFY you!


  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Ideal for traveling
  • Jam-packed with usable features


  • Not meant for heavy equipment

Neewer Carbon Fiber – Best Budget

Neewer Carbon Fiber 66 inches/168 centimeters Camera Tripod Monopod with 360 Degree Ball Head,1/4 inch Quick Shoe Plate,Bag for DSLR Camera,Video Camcorder,Load up to 26.5 pounds/12 kilograms

This keyboard is the definition of BANG FOR THE BUCK as one of the best tripods under $200.

If you think that carbon fiber tripods are way out of reach in this budget, you’d be surprised by this lightweight tripod offering by Neewer!

Our budget selection on the best tripod is a SURPRISINGLY AFFORDABLE carbon fiber tripod that packs all the features you need, AND MORE.

It comes with a reliable ball head that does a full 360-degree swivel, and has control knobs to lock things in place, plus a sturdy carbon fiber construction that will have you SWOONING!

To add to that, the tripod head also has a convenient quick-release plate for you to mount your gear with ease.

Now that sounds SWELL, right?

Check Out More of This Tripod’s Features!

  • Has high-density carbon fiber legs and tube
  • Comes in a portable and easy-to-carry bag
  • It’s only 19 inches when it’s FOLDED!
  • Features a twist lock for the tripod legs
  • Has a maximum height of 66″ with the ball head attached

Now we’re telling you, we’re all PLEASANTLY SURPRISED with a budget carbon fiber tripod that can function EFFORTLESSLY well, for UNDER $200!

We all know that for travel gear, lightweight tripods are HIGHLY ESSENTIAL. It can definitely help you out!

Be Mindful, Though!

This tripod isn’t meant for heavy-duty studio use! If you’re thinking about slamming heavy equipment on this tripod, you’d be better off with one that’s built for studio use.


  • Study carbon fiber construction
  • Durable center column
  • Removable leg for monopod conversion
  • Ideal for light equipment like a mirrorless camera


  • Not ideal for heavy-duty use

Manfrotto BeFree

Manfrotto Befree Advanced Aluminium Travel Tripod Kit with Ball Head with Lever Closure, Portable and Compact for DSLR Reflex and Mirrorless , Camera Accessories, Lever Lock - Black

Are you an adventure photographer who’s been looking FAR AND WIDE for the perfect travel tripod to bring with you anywhere you go?

Well, we assure you that legendary camera brand Manfrotto has GOT YOUR BACK!

Enter the Manfrotto BeFree camera tripod that packs all the features you need while still maintaining that PORTABILITY that you look for in travel tripods!

We think the best part about this HIGHLY portable and compact tripod is that it’s light-weight to carry! You won’t have much trouble hauling this around in your travel pack, we assure you!

To add to that level of convenience, it also features an AMAZING SET OF FEATURES to help you get that perfect shot in the outdoors!

We’re Sure You’ll Never Get Enough Of This Budget Tripod Setup!

  • The body, leg locks, and ball head material is DURABLE
  • Has a quick folding mechanism for your ease of use
  • Boasts a maximum height of 56.6″, and 48.4″ with the center column down
  • Folds down to 40cm, which is amazing for compact travel tripods
  • Can handle a maximum load capacity of up to 8.8 kg to handle your gear

Now, if you’re a traveler who’s been looking for the best tripod under $200, then this is the PERFECT TRIPOD FOR YOU!

It’s an affordable tripod that definitely won’t let you down on your trips!

But, There’s a Small Thing You Should Know

A small nitpick some may have for this aluminum tripod is it might be too small for some. Be aware that if you’re looking for an all-around daily driver, it’s not something we’d recommend!

While the shortness might be a common issue with a lot of compact tripods, we’re definitely sure this won’t let you down for your TRAVELS and ADVENTURES!

So if you’re someone with a SPIRIT for ADVENTURE and roams with small mirrorless and DSLR cameras, we recommend this sturdy tripod for you!


  • Lightweight and reliable aluminum tripod
  • Durable tripod heads and leg locks, which is essential for a travel tripod
  • Flexible and sturdy ball head


  • Tripod height may not suffice for some

Geekoto Video Tripod

GEEKOTO Video Tripod Fluid Head,Professional Camera Tripod for DSLR,Monopod Aluminum 77' for Video Camcorder Canon Nikon Sony with 1/4' Screws Fluid Drag Pan Head,Load Capacity up to 20 Pounds

This HEFTY and RELIABLE product made it to our list of BEST BUDGET TRIPODS for a good reason…

And a LOT of people also have A LOT of good things to say about this carbon fiber tripod!

One thing that makes it stand out from the rest on this list is because its tripod head is a FLUID HEAD MOUNT, which is also a variety of the tilt head mount.

What makes it different from ball heads is it offers MORE PRECISION when it comes to adjustment for your camera tripod!

Now, Think About It!

You can get more adjustments with this type of head compared to ball heads, with AMAZING TILTING and PANNING functionality, making one of the quality tripods under $200!

With that kind of functionality, landscape and even macro photography will be a BREEZE!

But what caught our attention the most was the stability that it offers, with the STRONG 3-section tripod legs made of carbon fiber with rubber feet for SUPERIOR SUPPORT.

Now that’s a SLICK DEAL for tripods under $200, don’t you think?

Maybe You’re Wondering About the Features That This Tripod Has? Keep Reading!

  • Has a maximum load capacity of 17 lbs
  • Extends to a whopping 79″, and folds down to a convenient 26″
  • Has quick release leg locks for maximum convenience and flexibility
  • Reversible center column for low angle and macro photography

Basically, this tripod is all that you need for all your basic daily shooting, PLUS, it’s made of carbon fiber, too!

But It Still Has Its Drawbacks

Users may find some difficulty tightening the screws of this tripod for adjustments, and may not be the most ideal for heavier camera setups due to the limited load capacity.

But still, this multifunctional tripod has a LOT of the functions that you need, and more, especially if you like running light camera setups!


  • STURDY carbon fiber
  • Anti-skid leg grips
  • Reversible center column and adjustable legs
  • Ideal for multi-angle shooting


  • Not the most ideal for heavier camera setups
  • Screws can be hard to tighten

Ikan E-Image EG01A2

Ikan E-Image 2 Stage Aluminum Video Tripod w/ Fluid Pan/Tilt Head, Maximum Height: 63.25″, 65mm Bowl, Variable Tilt/Drag, 11lb Capacity (EG01A2) - Black

Now, when we talk about tripods, it’s always good to have a level of VERSATILITY and RELIABILITY. But when you get both for an economical price?

Well, you got yourself a WIN!

The Ikan E-Image gives you a splash of both with an assortment of features to let you maximize your shooting experience, making things easier for you as you hit the shutter.

It offers precision and adjustability and earned its place as one of the best tripods under $200 with a LOT of recommendations from filmmakers and camera enthusiasts, alike!

You Earn Great Value for the Money With This One Too!

Just imagine, being able to set up, shoot, dismount and move with such efficiency? All of the components of this camera tripod make everything feel so FLUID.

The fluid head offers GREAT PRECISION and also quick swapping of cameras, while also having the option to keep track of where you left off, which is something most tripods DON’T HAVE!

While filming, you have MAXIMUM CONTROL with panning and tilting, making everything feel BUTTERY-SMOOTH!

Yes, It Has All of These, and More! Keep Reading to See the Rest of the Features!

  • Has a load capacity of 11 lbs for your gear
  • 2-stage leg design
  • Has a maximum height of 62.75″, and a minimum height of 30.5″


A minor drawback to keep in mind about this tripod, though, is it has a long quick-release plate, which may not be compatible with some DSLR cameras and mirrorless cameras.

A quick fix for this issue is to add a third-party quick release plate as a way to ensure clearance between the tripod and the lens for better usability.


  • Good functionality for fine-tuning and ease of use
  • Stable and durable


  • Long quick-release plate on the tripod head, which can have issues with the lenses
  • Not the lightest tripod

K&F Concept TC2534 66 Inch

K&F Concept TC2534 66 Inch DSLR Camera Tripod with 2 in1 Quick Release Plate

Maybe you’re looking for an all-around daily driver tripod under $200 you can use for a lot of shooting styles and disciplines?

STEP RIGHT UP! You might find this carbon fiber product by K&F interesting.

To give you a quick rundown, this tripod is made of DURABLE and STABLE carbon fiber tubes that can be folded a FULL 180-DEGREES for portability.

Storage wouldn’t be an ISSUE!

It also has a high load capacity that can provide A GREAT DEAL OF SUPPORT, which puts it miles ahead of other tripods under $200!

To Make Things Even More Interesting…

This tripod also converts into a monopod that can also be used as a walking stick! Talk about flexibility, huh?

The center column also inverts to maximize low-angle and macro shooting for that added versatility that you can get out of ONE PACKAGE!

Check Out the Rest of the Features Here

  • Ease of use with the Arca-Swiss compatible quick release plate
  • Made of aluminum alloy for sturdiness
  • Has a universal bracket for use with a WIDE RANGE of DEVICES
  • Features 1/4″ screws to mount other accessories like lights

Sadly, It’s a Bit Heavy!

A small drawback that we have for this tripod though, is that it can be on the HEAVIER SIDE!

But we think it’s a small trade-off for something that has a LOT OF FUNCTIONS and FEATURES like this tripod!


  • Made of DURABLE and STABLE carbon fiber
  • Can be folded for MAXIMUM PORTABILITY and EASE of STORAGE
  • Converts to a monopod
  • Arca-Swiss compatible quick-release plate


  • Can be a bit heavy for some

COMAN KX3636 74-inch Video Tripod

Video Tripod, COMAN KX3636 74 inch Professional Heavy Duty Aluminum Tripod with Quick Release Plate and 360 Degree Fluid Head for DSLR, Camcorder, Cameras Max Load:17.6lbs/8Kg

Maybe you’re looking for a sturdy outdoor tripod that has HIGH-END FEATURES for A BUDGET FRIENDLY PRICE.

Well, we assure you this one is part of the BEST TRIPODS UNDER $200 for a GOOD REASON!

This release from COMAN is a video tripod that has a LONG REACH you can utilize for those high-angle shots you’ve been dreaming of.

This works AMAZINGLY well with tall photographers who are looking for the right tripod to fit them. WE SWEAR, IT EXTENDS HIGH UP!

Speaking of Features…

The COMAN KX3636 comes with a pre-set counterbalance to guarantee the stability that you need while you’re out and about, and supports accessories as well!

And don’t skimp out on hearing about the QUALITY and DURABILITY of this one! The heavy-duty aluminum is more than enough to keep your gear stable and steady to get that PERFECT SHOT!

Now Let’s Move on to the Functionality That His Tripod Packs Under Its Belt!

  • Boasts a max height of 74″ and a minimum height of 33″ for easy carrying
  • Versatile 360-degree panning and SILKY SMOOTH pan and tilt with the featured fluid head
  • Ease of adjustments and leveling with the bubble level indicator
  • Can support your gear with a MAX LOAD CAPACITY of 13.2 lbs

Well, that sounds like the SLICKEST DEAL, right? This one is a standout among other aluminum tripods!

There’s a But, Though…

But, like most tripods, this still comes with its own drawback, and it’s not meant to handle sandbags.

Basically, there’s NO BUILT-IN HOOK to slam some extra support in case you need the leverage.

But if that’s no issue for you and you’ve been looking for a BUTTERY SMOOTH panning experience and SUPERIOR stability, then look no further from this tripod.

And yes, we’re looking at you filmmakers. This one has the features that you need to get the perfect angles for those shots you’ve been dreaming of!


  • STURDY aluminum build that you can rely on
  • SMOOTH adjustments with the fluid head
  • Easy adjustments and reliability while on the field
  • ABOVE AVERAGE maximum height for high-angle shots


  • No built-in hook for added support and leverage

What Are the Factors That Make a Good Tripod?

Now that you’ve breezed through the list, you may be wondering: WHAT MAKES A GOOD TRIPOD ANYWAY?

So maybe you’re considering the kind of material, mount, and ball head flexibility, but don’t know where to start?

Keep reading here to see what to look for while you’re in the market for the BEST TRIPOD UNDER $200 that fits your shooting style!

Materials Mean Quality

When you’re out in the market for the best tripod under $200, the first thing you should look at is the material of the tripod.

The best tripod to get is always the one that will last you a LONG TIME since photography equipment is an investment in your craft, without a doubt!

Common types of materials for tripods are usually aluminum and carbon fiber, and the former is usually heavier and cheaper than the latter.

Take note though that these days, you can get quality carbon fiber tripods for less than $200!

It’s important to know the purpose and shooting style that you’re going for to know which material SUITS YOU RIGHT!

Watch the Weight


When you’re out looking for the best tripod under $200, you should also be mindful of how heavy your gear will be.

Just think about it!

When you’re outdoors, you wouldn’t want to be lugging around a 15 lbs tripod with you, right? It’s gonna BREAK YOUR BACK!

Alternatively, when you’re doing studio or video shoots, the thing you’d want to avoid is having little to no support for stability!

The best piece of advice we can give you is to use the right tripod for your shooting style because the weight of these tools matter a lot in your quest for the perfect shot.

Feel Out the Features

Think of it this way: if the tripod was a person, the features would be its personality!

Of course, you’d want one you can vibe together with comfortably, right? Might as well get one that complements you, because you’d be keeping each other company while shooting!

Features are the defining factor that can hugely impact your workflow, so it’s best to get one that has what you need.

Are you always shooting outside while you’re having an outdoor adventure? Get a travel tripod that can stand stable on uneven ground and uneven terrain!

Or maybe you’re a studio photographer who specializes in product photography? Maybe you could get one that has a low-angle adaptor for those OH SO DETAILED MACRO SHOTS!

Feeling out the right kind of head that works for you is also important, whether it’s a fluid, gimbal, or ball head. They have their own specific purposes that can help you out with your shooting!

Height Matters, of Course

The tripod’s height is something that is often overlooked by people who are in the market for tripods.

You wouldn’t want a tripod that’s too short or too long for you, right?

The height matters because having the right amount of reach enables you to have the kind of FLEXIBILITY that you need!

As a friendly word of advice when you’re considering height, you can always check the height of the legs and the center column when you’re checking out the features to see which works for you!

Always Check the Leg Locks

When it comes to tripods, STABILITY IS THE NAME OF THE GAME!

The kind of leg locks can also make or break the tripod for you, depending on the purpose and the shooting style that you’re going for!

There are two common kinds: TWIST LOCKS and LEVER LOCK LEGS.

A twist-lock is significantly quieter than a lever lock, but could take a bit of time to adjust!

In our opinion, we think that’s something to be mindful of, especially if you’re out shooting in the wild and require a bit of discretion. You wouldn’t want to scare away your subject, right?

Be Mindful Of the Maximum Load

While tripods are often advertised as strong and durable, one thing to always keep in mind is the PAYLOAD they can carry!

Shorter and lighter tripods like portable ones made for travel are meant for small equipment and mirrorless cameras for casual use, while studio cameras can often handle a LOT of WEIGHT.

Be sure to pick one that complements your shooting style and the camera that you have!

Trust us, you wouldn’t want to use a FULL FRAME with a TELEPHOTO LENS on a compact tripod. It’s just gonna trip over, so be mindful!

The Cream of the Camera Crop: Our Verdict

Now that we’ve searched the market far and wide for the best tripod under $200, here are our top selections for you to consider!

Vanguard Altra Pro 263AB with Ball Head – Our Top Pick

Dominating the list of the best budget tripods is something that SCREAMS QUALITY for a GOOD PRICE!

With the Altra Pro 263AB, you get to maximize features that you get from more expensive tripods. It didn’t skimp out on being durable and reliable while still being light on the wallet.

You can’t go wrong with this, as it can definitely check all the boxes in your list of a quality tripod!

MeFOTO RoadTrip Classic with Ball Head – Best Value

Looking for a versatile tripod that JUST OOZES WITH VALUE?

MeFOTO makes things easier for the budget-conscious traveler with the RoadTrip Classic and all the functionality it could provide.

It’s versatile, it’s functional, and most importantly, it’s RELIABLE!

The RoadTrip Classic definitely deserves a spot in your travel case.

Neewer Carbon Fiber – Best Budget

Are you an amateur looking for an all-around daily driver? Or maybe you’re a professional who’s looking for a secondary backup?

This carbon fiber release by Neewer wouldn’t let you down, as it packs a lot of important basic features for such a budget price!

It’s a cost-efficient solution if you’re looking for something lightweight and HIGHLY FUNCTIONAL for light equipment.


It’s a Wrap!

In conclusion, we hope that our list of the best tripods under $200 has helped you in your search for the perfect gear to suit your photography needs. We know that finding a tripod can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be super expensive.

When choosing the right tripod, it’s important to consider your shooting style and the functionality you need. Whether you’re looking for something lightweight and compact for travel or a sturdier option for studio work, there’s a tripod out there that’s perfect for you.

Remember, a tripod is a worthy investment that can take your photography to the next level. It provides stability, helps you frame your shots, and opens up a whole world of creative possibilities. So, take your time to choose the right one and enjoy the process of exploring your art with the perfect tool. Happy shooting!