Photography, an evolving art form, has flourished alongside the internet, giving rise to a plethora of photography websites. These online platforms provide an array of services and opportunities for both seasoned photographers and aspiring novices alike. Among the top contenders in this space, ViewBug stands out as a prominent player.

Combining educational and storytelling tones, this introduction is designed to captivate readers and entice them to continue reading to learn more about what sets ViewBug apart in the world of photography websites.

Key Takeaways

  • ViewBug is a legitimate community for photographers to share their work, participate in photo contests, and interact with other photographers.
  • It has a website and also apps available for download on various app stores, such as Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Samsung Galaxy Store.
  • ViewBug has been designed to work with different portable devices, making it convenient for photographers to access the site and participate in contests even while on the go.
  • Reviews and testimonials from users of ViewBug can provide further confirmation of its legitimacy as a platform for photographers.

This is a community designed to bring together creative minds in the photography realm from across the world and provide a platform for interaction, share their work, and network while taking part in any photo contest of their choice.

Reviews indicate that this platform has a myriad of benefits to photographers who put effort into their work, and they are ready to learn from other pros in their field. Herein, we assess some of the intricate features that both the ViewBug app and site have.

These features are beneficial to photographers as they are able to share their work and be a part of a contest with money and other prizes. This article also answers some of the common questions that everyone who has not interacted with this platform will have.

Users can choose to interact with this platform via their address or download the applications designed for various operating systems. The app is available on the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and the Samsung Galaxy Store. To start interacting with other photographers, their images and to be part of the numerous photo contests and challenges, it is a must for one to complete the sign-up process and then use the ViewBug login function to access their account.

Once the membership is complete, one can explore the site and establish which categories are suitable for their stills as well as the photo contests and challenges that will help with growth and development.

One of the crucial things that one must consider even before signing up is how to grow their presence among this community since it is the stepping stone to gaining the most from the members therein. Some of the tips that can be utilized to ensure maximal presence in this community include:

  • Award peers
  • Keep sharing
  • Join photo contests
  • Follow other people
  • Membership in ViewBug com
  • Make the images shared in the community findable
  • Initiate peer photo contests and challenges, among many different ways.

To maximize the tipoffs above, the users must understand the different features of this site and how it functions to bring together the community of visual creators. Never under estimate the value of comments left by other members on each piece. Share your work so that other members can like and spread it to their networks.


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ViewBug Features

The interface of this site is easy to navigate through to access the various functions it has to offer. The homepage is filled with curated images that show one the type of stills that many people like and share with their networks. The categories listed on the site include;

Photo contest

This segment permits the consumers with a membership using ViewBug to access the daily photography contests, copyright and share their work, and stand a chance to win amazing awards and present their work to the ever-growing audience of like-minded people with found in this community.

Some of the items that can be won include cameras from renowned manufacturers such as Canon and Nikon, camera lenses, exposure packages, TV sets, publication, and preset bundles, among many other things. The price to be won is indicated alongside the requirements of the photography contest, making it easy for users to pick a category that they are conversant with.


Under this tab, users will find images that users share on ViewBug com and get to meet other people with memberships in this community. Numerous are displayed, and clicking on it provides a summary of what the photo is about.

One can like the image and follow the owner both on the site and also through their social media handles. When a member uploads an image, this is where it will appear for other creatives to see, like, and share on other platforms such as Facebook or even via email.


The image you submit to ViewBug com for any contest or challenge must be voted for. This section compiles all the images submitted to a given contest and allows users to see and vote for their favorite. The voting process is easy and straight to the point. When one gets to see an image they like all they have to do is click on the love symbol.

People with membership are allowed to vote for two images that they see fit from the bunch presented in a specific category of the contest. The audiences must see your work to appreciate what you submit hence you should have an extensive portfolio.


A first glance at this section reveals an array of contents that have been set up by people with memberships in ViewBug com. Additionally, a member can start a challenge using their ViewBug account and get other members to join.

This is also among the things that allow users to grow the number of followers within ViewBug Marketplace. Never start a challenge without proper guidelines on the type of image that ought to be submitted among other things.

The ViewBug marketplace

This is another crucial segment as it allows people visiting the site to license royalty-free photos from a photography line of their choice. One can also explore various collections that maybe part of a competition or not.

On the landing page, other categories that one will find include the about us tab and for business. These two contain more info about ViewBug and how you can access the awesome tools they avail for those with photos they want to show. Also, those who want to see and find posts inspired by their line of work for their personal use can find them in this section of ViewBug.


Photography shared in this site has been segmented to fit the needs of the people who are targeted. Below we explore some of the common questions that most people have regarding this site.

Is ViewBug legitimate?

Yes, ViewBug is a legit community that can be used in-browser, or one can use the download version available in an array of app stores. The apps have been designed to work with a variety of portable devices, making it easier for one to access the site and take part in a competition even when on transit. Reviews and testimonials left by users of this site will help you confirm if it is a legitimate platform like Flickr on not.

What is ViewBug?

ViewBug is a website designed to bring together visual creativity and avail a platform for photo creators to showcase their work, interact with their peers, join a contest and challenges and become winners of amazing prizes from renowned manufacturers of photography equipment. It is also a site where companies and businesses can get photos for their project or even contract a photographer to work with.

Is ViewBug free?

Yes, ViewBug is available for free, but the features that people can interact with when using the non-pay version are limited when compared to those that they can get when they sign up for premium membership. People can use the free mode to explore the site and gauge if it will meet their needs before paying for the premium package.

How much does ViewBug cost?

ViewBug has a premium, pro, and pro+ memberships that one can pay to unlock more features of the platform. The premium package costs $6.17 per month, and it is billed annually. When you pay for this, it opens unlimited photo uploads, extra get an extra contest everyday, gets rid of ads, allows users to watermark their photos, among many other things.

If you pay for the Pro package, which goes for $10.33 monthly, you get to run your website to showcase your work. It also gives you the chance to enter many competitions and an opportunity to sell the image you upload to the site.

This membership offers a free domain for your website; forty custom Lightroom presets, superior account stats, and a 15% discount on Adobe’s creative cloud plan. This gives you a chance to edit an image with minimal hassle.

Deciding which plan to pay for is vital to ensure that you get all the features that you desire and never miss out on a chance to showcase what you have. If you are unsure which plan is the best for you, contact the ViewBug support and get to understand the benefits of each. Never make payment before confirming the sum total that will be charged for the year.


In conclusion, ViewBug stands out as an unparalleled platform for photography enthusiasts, offering a myriad of opportunities to showcase their skills and passions. As one of the world’s most esteemed photography communities, ViewBug is renowned for its top-notch contests and challenges that provide not only impressive prizes, but also the motivation and inspiration to continuously elevate one’s craft.

Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or just starting out, ViewBug empowers you to hone your skills, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and elevate your art to new heights. So why wait? Join the ViewBug community today and embark on an exciting photographic discovery and creativity journey!