Leica cameras are renowned for their precision engineering and exceptional quality, and they come with a hefty price tag. But have you ever wondered if there’s a way to save some cash when buying one?

Here’s the inside scoop: Leica cameras manufactured in Portugal are actually cheaper than their German counterparts, despite what you may have heard.

While it’s true that Leica cameras are hand-crafted in Germany using high-quality materials, the cost of these materials drives up the production cost. In this article, we’ll explore where Leica cameras and optics are manufactured and reveal some of the cheapest places to buy them.

So, whether you’re a professional photographer looking to upgrade your gear or a hobbyist in search of a high-quality camera, read on to discover everything you need to know about Leica cameras and where to get the best deals.

Key Takeaways

  • Leica cameras are designed and manufactured in Germany using high-quality German materials.
  • The Leica factory is located in Wetzlar, Germany, and the company was founded by Ernest Leitz Wetzlar.
  • Leica optics are manufactured in Germany and Portugal, with lenses made in Portugal offering a better price for customers in the USA due to tariffs on German optics.
  • Some of the Leica lenses manufactured in Portugal include the Summilux-M 50mm f/1.4 ASPH and the Summicron-M 35mm f/2 ASPH.
  • Hong Kong is the cheapest place to buy Leica cameras, followed by Singapore, Portugal, and Germany.
  • Pre-owned Leica cameras are a good option for those looking to save money, as the cameras are designed for long-term usage and will not hinder the user’s experience.

Is Leica made in Germany?

Since the 1920s, Leica cameras are designed and manufactured by the most skilled craftsmen in Germany. Supreme quality materials of German technology are used in manufacturing these cameras, for everyday use and to ensure long-term durability.

Leica D-Lux 7 Compact Camera (Black)

Where is the Leica factory in Germany?

The Leica factory is situated in Wetzlar, Germany. The Leica company was founded by Ernest Leitz Wetzlar. At first, the Leica company was named “Leitz Company”, but in 1986 the company name changed to Leica due to the strength and popularity of the brand.

Thus, the Leica camera division became a private, independent company.

Where are Leica optics made?

Leica optics are manufactured in two places – Germany and Portugal. The lenses made in the Portugal factory offer the same sleek design, construction tolerances and pristine quality as those manufactured in the German factory.

The manufacturing of Leica Lenses in Portugal offers the customers of the USA a better price on the lenses since the tariffs on German optics increased the cost in the United States.

Lenses manufactured in Portugal:

  • Leica Summilux-M 50mm f/1.4 ASPH
  • Leica Summicron-M 35mm f/2 ASPH
  • Leica Summaron-M 28mm f/5.6
  • Leica Elmarit-M 28mm f/2.8 ASPH
  • Leica Summicron-M 50mm f/2

For more information about these lenses and their prices, you can go refer to the link below.

Leica Lenses Made in Portugal

Cheapest places to get Leica

In all of the countries in which Leica cameras are sold, Hong Kong has the cheapest rates compared to the cost price in US, Singapore, Portugal and Germany.

If you still wish to buy a Leica camera at a much lower price, then the only option left is to buy a pre-owned camera. Since Leica cameras are specifically designed for long-term usage, a pre-owned camera will not hinder your experience with the camera.

The cost price of various Leica cameras depends on their models. While some models may be cheaper in Hong Kong, some might be cheaper in US or France. For example, the M11 Leica camera is the cheapest in France and Austria.


In conclusion, Leica cameras have a rich history and a reputation for quality that has only improved over time. From their early beginnings in the 1920s to the present day, Leica has remained a leader in precision engineering and exceptional photography.

Despite being known for their high price tag, Leica cameras are worth the investment for serious photographers who want the best quality equipment. And if you’re looking to save a little money, Leica lenses manufactured in Portugal can be a more affordable option.

Moreover, there are various places around the world where you can find cheaper Leica models, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Austria, France, the US, and more, depending on the model you’re after. So, keep an eye out for deals and sales, and don’t forget to shop around.

Whether you’re an amateur photographer or a seasoned pro, a Leica camera can take your photography to the next level. So, take the time to research and invest in a camera that will last you a lifetime and produce stunning images that you’ll be proud to share with the world.