How Long do Leica Repairs Take?

The standard repair time for Leica cameras takes 2-3 months, depending on the nature of the repairs. However, this is not always set, you could get the repaired camera earlier or later.

Leica does not have a repair tracking system. There is a process that is followed when you give your camera for repairs. First, they assign a repair order number which is for their reference and you can use that number to ask for details about your repair through customer care.

After assigning a repair order number, they give you a repair note which contains the assessment of needed repairs on your camera. Then comes the authorization which will come to you via email.

Other than this information, you will have nothing until the repairs are completed and your camera is ready to get shipped. So, if you ask customer care how long your repair will take, they will only give you a typical time taken for such repairs, with no definite answers.

Now that you know how long the repairs take, let’s get into other questions such as how much does a Leica repair cost? How long is the warranty of a Leica camera? If Leica still services M3? And if the Leica warranty is transferable?

How much does Leica repair cost?

Leica repairs cost different for various models. If you have something major to repair such as a broken lens or anything internal related to the exposure settings, the service cost might go up to 1000$, as these repairs are done in Germany.

You can also repair your camera through “YYeCamera”, or any other camera store that offers to repair Leica cameras if it is easier for you. You can know further about different Leica repairs and their costs through “YYeCamera”, check out this link.

The repair cost of second-hand Leica cameras might differ from a new one even if you repair it in a Leica centre. It is worth noting that an extended warranty on the second-hand camera might help decrease the cost price even more and you might get the repair done free of charge.

how long do leica repairs take

How long is a Leica camera warranty?

Leica cameras offer a 2-year product warranty from the date of the purchase through an authorized Leica store, all accessories included. The product warranty is subjected to terms and conditions that can be different for various Leica models.

During the warranty period, Leica will repair any manufacturing complaints and material defects free of charge. It could be either repair, replacement of the specific faulty parts, or the exchange of the product with another of the same value.

Other than manufacturing complaints and material defects, the warranty does not allow any other claims free of charge. Damage caused by improper usage such as dropping the camera on a hard surface or water will not be covered in the period of warranty.

Does Leica still service M3?

The M3 model of Leica cameras can still be serviced and its parts are still being manufactured. You can service your M3 at YYeCamera. You cannot go wrong with this place, they repair the cameras at a great price and the turnaround time is fast as well.

Is Leica warranty transferable?

Leica warranty is non-transferable. The warranty that Leica cameras offer you on their products is solely between the person who is purchasing the product and the manufacturer.

The warranty is not attached to the item itself. So if you buy a second-hand camera which is still under warranty, that warranty will not transfer to its new owner. This is one of the reasons why the camera stores that sell second-hand cameras offer their own 3-6 month warranties.

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The Leica cameras are known for their long-term durability, so it might be a rare occurrence that you would need to repair your camera. But, if you do need to repair the camera, make sure you are okay with your camera not being with you for a couple of months, as Leica repairs take time.

The purchase of Leica cameras is expensive and so is the repair cost. However, the cost of the repair depends on the damage to the camera. If your camera is under the 2-year warranty that Leica provides, then you do not have anything to worry about as your camera might get repaired free of charge.

Finally, the last thing to keep in mind is that the Leica warranty is not transferable from owner to owner.

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