The GoPro is an amazing camera and the fact that you can use the voice command feature to start recording video or take a photo makes it so much more convenient to use.

There are a lot of settings you can tweak from the touch screen, but when the GoPro is strapped to your helmet or mounted on your drone, simply using voice control to have the GoPro capture footage or an image is just awesome.

All of the newer GoPro models have voice commands, and they’re quite straightforward to remember and use.

Key takeaways

  • The GoPro voice commands change the way you want to capture the moment.
  • With a loud and clear command in the language that you have set up in the settings will make your recording experience much easier.
  • If you want to tag a video that has been captured beautifully, there are commands for that as well.
  • If your GoPro does not support voice commands, fear not, you can use a remote.

How to use GoPro Voice Commands

If you’re comfortable using Alexa, OK Google, or Siri, using GoPro voice commands should feel really natural to you. Remember to speak clearly and loudly, and if there are other loud sounds muffling your voice, the camera may not be able to catch what you are saying.

First off, you’ll need to enable voice commands from the menu. How you access the menu will vary depending on the model that you are using.

GoPro Voice Commands

You’ll also need to tell the GoPro which language to expect commands in, which you can also change from the settings menu.

These are the 12 GoPro voice commands that you can use:

  1. “GoPro Start Recording”
  2. “GoPro HiLight” (Adds a highlight tag while recording video)
  3. “GoPro Stop Recording”
  4. “GoPro Take a Photo”
  5. “GoPro Shoot Burst”
  6. “GoPro Start Time Lapse”
  7. “GoPro Stop Time Lapse”
  8. “GoPro Video Mode”
  9. “GoPro Photo Mode”
  10. “GoPro Time Lapse Mode”
  11. “GoPro Burst Mode”
  12. “GoPro Turn Off”

All the commands are really self-explanatory, so there is not much more that needs to be said. You can know for sure that the GoPro understood the command if you see the lights turn on/hear a beep.

Remember to say “GoPro” very clearly because that’s the keyphrase that gets the camera to listen.

If you have a HERO7 or newer, you can use “GoPro Capture” or “GoPro Stop Capture” to start and stop recording in whatever mode the camera is currently set to.

Additionally, there have been reports that there are two more commands that work:

  1. “Oh shit!”
  2. “That was sick”

Apparently, these will highlight the videos with a tag when you record. I suppose the rationale behind this was if whatever you did was so thrilling that you had to react like that, the camera should remember so that you can easily find the file!

Check if your GoPro model has Voice Control

If your GoPro is a model older than the HERO 5, it does not have voice control. The HERO 5 and all GoPros released after it do have voice commands.

There are 12 different commands that you can issue, and the GoPro is designed to understand them in 1o different languages. Wow!

Since then, I’ve come to really appreciate the convenience of my using GoPro’s voice control. There’s no need to stop and fiddle with your GoPro anymore!

The following models will work with voice commands:

  1. HERO 10
  2. HERO 9
  3. HERO 8
  4. HERO 7 (White, Silver, & Black)
  5. HERO 6 Black
  6. Fusion
  7. HERO 5 Black
  8. HERO 5 Session
  9. HERO (2018)
  10. Remo

GoPro is coming out with their new GoPro HERO8 soon, and all GoPro models now have voice commands as a standard feature. Even if your model is not on this list (meaning it is an older model), you can still control it remotely by other means, such as through the excellent GoPro app which you can download for iOS and Android.

Languages supported by the GoPro

  1. English (USA, UK, and Australia)
  2. French
  3. Italian
  4. German
  5. Spanish
  6. Chinese
  7. Japanese
  8. Portuguese
  9. Russian
  10. Korean

Please note that the last 3 languages on the list (Portuguese, Russian, and Korean) are not supported on Remo.

GoPro Voice Commands not working?

Often, after a software update, GoPro resets the default language back to English (USA). If this happens and you’re speaking in a different language or even accent, you may find that the voice commands stop working.

Simply head over to the menu and change the language back, and you should be good to go.


Using the app or the remote

Of course, if you don’t want to use voice commands, you can certainly use the GoPro app (my screen is broken, so I have to use the app), or you can use the remote which you have to buy separately.