In the realm of photography, creativity reigns supreme. A photographer’s quest for excellence often leads them to go above and beyond, pushing the boundaries of their art to deliver truly outstanding results. While the use of top-notch equipment is crucial, there exists another captivating secret to achieving tremendous success: the art of utilizing photography backdrops.

These magical tools have the power to transform a mundane scene into a captivating masterpiece, providing a beautiful and memorable background that enhances the main subject of the photo.

Enter Gravity Backdrops, the renowned purveyor of these transformative canvases. Gravity Backdrops offers a wide array of options, catering to every photographer’s unique vision. These backdrops come in various shapes and sizes, each one a testament to the limitless possibilities that unfold when artistry meets craftsmanship.

Immerse yourself in a world where colors dance harmoniously, where solid hues and intricate designs intertwine to create visual symphonies. From freestanding backdrops that effortlessly steal the spotlight to those that gracefully adorn stands, Gravity Backdrops offers a range that will leave you spoiled for choice. Delve into their collection and discover a kaleidoscope of possibilities—solid colors, hand-painted masterpieces, and airbrushed wonders await your creative eye.

Now, imagine the ease and grace with which you can capture stunning images when armed with these exceptional backdrops. Gone are the days of struggling to find the perfect location or painstakingly creating elaborate sets. Gravity Backdrops grants you the power to transform any setting into a realm of visual splendor, where your subjects can truly shine.

Curiosity piqued? Prepare yourself for an in-depth exploration of Gravity Backdrops. In this review, we will unravel the mysteries surrounding these extraordinary creations, unveiling their forms, sizes, and the secrets of acquiring them.

So, let us embark on this enchanting journey together, where the blend of education and storytelling will captivate your imagination, leaving you eager to uncover the wonders that Gravity Backdrops has in store.

Key Takeaways

  • Photography backdrops, such as those offered by Gravity Backdrops, have the power to transform ordinary scenes into captivating masterpieces, providing a beautiful and memorable background for the main subject of the photo.
  • Gravity Backdrops offers a wide range of backdrops in different shapes, sizes, and designs, including freestanding options and those that require stands. They come in a variety of colors, solid or hand-painted, and even feature airbrushed designs.
  • The use of high-quality backdrops enhances creativity and enables photographers to produce sharp and unique images with ease, elevating their photography to extraordinary levels.
  • Gravity Backdrops can accompany photographers on their creative journeys, whether they are capturing the beauty of nature, immortalizing cherished moments, or embarking on conceptual self-expression, providing a canvas on which their artistic vision can unfold.

What is Gravity Backdrops?

Gravity is a backdrop manufacturing company based in Europe specializing in the production of backdrops suitable for photographers and theatre productions. These guys in the creative industry use quality cotton canvas in their production and have a wide range of collections in their custody.

When dealing with them, you’re not just limited to what they already have – if you need something customizable and more personal, they’ll still deliver.

Interestingly, Gravity is open to both simple and complex projects. What’s more, they offer hand painted backdrops at competitive prices.

Nothing beats their pricing as you’ll be surprised to acquire your contexts at a price less than what you’d pay to rent them. We explain their pricing in the following paragraph.


Single and double-sided backdrops

These drops are available from standard sizes to extra large sizes. Their prices are as follows for single-sided backdrops:

  • standard backdrop 1.6×2.5m – €300
  • mid backdrop 1.9×2.8m – €350
  • large backdrop 2.1×2.8m – €400
  • large + backdrop 2.8x3m – €600
  • and extra-large backdrop 2.8x4m – €800

Double-sided backdrops, on the other hand, cost as follows:

  • standard backdrop 1.6×2.5m – €450
  • mid backdrop 1.9×2.8m – €500
  • large backdrop 2.1×2.8m – €600
  • extra-large backdrop 2.8x3m – €1000

Apart from their standard pricing, they also have promo backdrops packages that come with free backdrops and shipping. They’re as follows:

  • Gravity start 4 XS for €800
  • basic 3x standard size for €700
  • advance M 3x mid-size for €800
  • advance L 2x large size + 1 free standard size for €800
  • professional L 4x large size for €1200
  • gold 2L 2x large + 1 free mid-size for €850
  • platinum 2L 2x large plus size + 1 free mid-size for €1200
  • Gravity ultimate 2 XL 2x extra-large size for €1600

All the promo packages come with free shipping.


Before we can let you know how and where to get your backdrops when you need them, let’s dig a little deeper into other details that we think you should know about gravity backdrops. Well, the purpose of this review is to help you gather as much information as possible.

Backdrops from Gravity are not canvas or muslin; instead, they’re custom hand-painted on a thick drop cloth. The build quality is pretty excellent and looks durable and sturdy when compared with a seamless paper. When it comes to using the backdrops, everything is straightforward.

First, Gravity Backdrops arrive in a hard-plastic tube, with the ends protected by a layer of plastic, canvas, and another layer of vinyl. Gravity backdrops all rolled up together, and nothing separates them. If you plan not to use your products immediately or any time soon, always store them horizontally and not in a vertical manner.

Each backdrop has its color written on the back. Understand that these products do not come with stands and because they’re heavy as you’d expect for a canvas covered with paint – you’ll need a strong position to use.

A savage stand can be a good bet. Also, these gravity backdrops do not have any mounting tool on them, so you’re going to do some improvisation, maybe clamp them up, or whatever will work for you.

Any photographer without their studio needs to understand that these backdrops are quite large, and transporting them to different places can be a challenge. It can also be a challenge even for those with their studios. But the exciting part is they are rollable.


When we talk about image quality, there’s no doubt that a hand painted backdrop always produces incredible results. As much as we tend to concentrate on the primary object of a photo, the background plays a significant role in creating the scenery. You understand that the mood and the atmosphere of any photo speaks volumes – that’s what you achieve with a Gravity backdrop.

A few things to mention, though, you might receive your backdrops with some minor imperfection – that should not worry you as some of them happen during shipping.

A common flaw is when your drop won’t lay perfectly smoothly the first time you take it out. Some times the edges of your backdrops might arrive damaged a little bit – that’s minor and normal things that would happen and should not raise much concern.

Ordering online

They have a website that lists all the products they have. If you browse through their site, you’ll see them all. But when it comes to making an order, you’ll have to contact them via Facebook. You can send them an email, but at the end of the day, you’ll have to go back to Facebook. There’s no way you can order directly from the site for reasons not clear to us.

You’ll see their products listed on their Facebook page in various sizes. Again, there’s no way to make a direct purchase, so, you must message them.

They’ll respond promptly to your query, whether it’s a price you’re confirming or placing an order. The whole process might feel awkward – some of the customers who have purchased their products say they felt at one point like they’ll never receive their packages.

Interestingly, their gravity backdrops were shipped to them and arrived earlier than expected. One thing for sure is that they have a good response time. Nothing can beat the professionalism in the hand painted backdrop – it brings some classic touch in your studio.

It’s like the magic of the invisible, and your clients will love your portraits even more. There’s a unique look that comes with a hand-painted canvas. Let us look at the benefits and shortcomings of Gravity backdrops.


  • Painted backdrops give your images a classic background similar to those you see on covers of fashion magazines
  • Gravity backdrops are durable and sturdy. The heavy material makes them withstand any harsh conditions. You can let your clients walk over them without worrying they’ll get destroyed. They’re way better than seamless paper in every aspect.
  • Gravity backdrops are all uniquely hand-painted, and none takes after the other. Meaning you’ll have many options of shooting unique studio portraits.
  • There’s no doubt that these guys have the best prices you’ll ever get. The price that you pay and the product that you receive might make you feel like you just got away with something.
  • Finally, there’s excellent customer service to expect—something very critical when it comes to online shopping and not necessarily related to hand painted backdrops


  • Some of these things are just bulky and can give you a hard time while in the studio. But that’s not a dealbreaker as you can always find a way to go about it.


As we draw near to the end of this captivating journey through the world of Gravity Backdrops, we hope that our review has shed light on everything you desired to know. Whether you are an accomplished photographer with a fully equipped studio or an aspiring artist yearning to take your skills to new heights, one thing is clear: the transformative power of a backdrop can revolutionize your game.

Imagine the possibilities that unfold when you have the ability to create captivating scenes at your fingertips. With a carefully selected backdrop, you can transport your subjects to fantastical realms, evoke emotions through exquisite colors, and capture moments that will be etched in the minds of viewers forever.

So, whether you choose a backdrop that paints a vivid narrative through its handcrafted design or opt for a simple yet striking solid color, the impact will be undeniable. These canvases provide you with a tool to shape and mold your artistic vision, elevating your photography to extraordinary levels.

Now, as you embark on your own creative journey, we encourage you to explore the realm of Gravity Backdrops. Unleash your imagination, experiment with different forms and sizes, and witness the magic that unfolds when artistry meets innovation. Let these backdrops become an extension of your creativity, an instrument to craft images that leave a lasting impression.

Remember, the power of a backdrop extends far beyond its physical presence. It is an invitation to dive deep into the world of storytelling, where your subjects come alive against a backdrop that enriches their narrative. Embrace the endless possibilities and let your photographs speak volumes, transcending the boundaries of time and space.

So, whether you are capturing the splendor of nature, immortalizing the essence of a cherished moment, or embarking on a conceptual journey of self-expression, let Gravity Backdrops be your companion. Embrace the extraordinary, create visual wonders, and leave an indelible mark on the canvas of photography.

Now, it’s time for you to embark on your own photographic adventure. Go forth, armed with the knowledge and inspiration gained from this exploration. Unleash your creativity, capture moments that transcend ordinary perception, and let Gravity Backdrops become the backdrop to your artistic masterpiece. The world awaits your unique vision.