Anyone who is passionate about photography will have heard about the Lume cube. If you are not yet familiar with it, then be sure to read through our comprehensive guide to make your camera the best it can be and check out our picks for Lume Cube alternatives too. So, let us take a closer look at this cube light and what it does.

Lume Cube Photography Accessory Single - Black (LC-11B)

Lume Cube Alternatives: Our picks

Even though the Lume cube is the recommended option for photographers and videographers who frequently use their mobile phone, there is always an alternative. If you are looking for a Lume cube alternative, please check some of our suggestions below.

When you do not necessarily want to use additional light for professional video, or to take elaborate shots with your camera, but are quite interested in the perfect selfie, you could consider a cheap alternative such as the QIYA Selfie Ring Light.

1. QIYA Selfie Ring Light

The QIYA Selfie Ring Light is an great light for selfies and personal video. The light can be recharged through USB cord and also comes with a rechargeable battery, so this camera light does not need battery replacements. When you use this light for video and photographs, you can also adjust the brightness. This way, you have a personalised camera light at your fingertips.

QIAYA Selfie Light Ring Lights LED Circle Light Cell Phone Laptop Camera Photography Video Lighting Clip On Rechargeable
  • Rechargeable battery with USB cord (included) saves your money and time to buy and replace the disposable batteries.
  • Brightness Adjustable. Three-level light settings for various uses -- make-up, selfie photos, dark scenery vlogging etc. Let this ring light highlight you and darken everything behind you.
  • Compact and Light Weight. Pocket sized and extremely compact, it will not take much space in your bag. Take it with you anywhere you go and record all happy moments in your life!
  • Fantastic for Night Time or Dark Rooms. It helps enhance and brighten up your face for that perfect selfie. No more having to run around the house looking for the perfect spot in your house to take a photo or make your make up tutorials.
  • It will come in handy whenever you need extra light for making up, taking photos, making videos and more!

If you are more interested in a light that could provide you with better video on your camera, you could consider the VILTROX LED light. This particular option has an outstanding review on countless websites and is available on Amazon for quite the attractive price.

2. VILTROX LED light

The VILTROX is a relatively new player on the market, but that does not mean it is any less good at providing additional lights for action shots, video, and other things you want to do with your mobile phone camera. The VILTROX is really compact, has a high-quality color rendering index, a rechargeable built-in battery, magnetic diffuser panel and loads more.

VILTROX is great for video and photographs taken with a mobile phone camera, but this particular accessory is used for professional cameras as well. This handy device een lets you use the lights to change colour temperature. So, a VILTROX is not only a great choice for mobile phones, it is good to provide some additional lights on professional cameras too.

VILTROX LED On Camera Video Light, Video Conference Lighting Kit with Mini Tripod, Pocket Photo Light Bi-Color 2500-8500K Panel Lights Photography Lighting for Video Recording Photoshoot Zoom Lighting
  • 💡 【VIDEO CONFERENCE LIGHTING KIT】The lighting kit come with a mini desk tripod & 180° rotated phone holder, also has a 1/4 screw hole and a hot shoe adapter suitable for camera & camcorder. As a mini desk table fill light or backlight, it's perfect for video conferencing, video recording etc. You also can put your light on the cell phone holder to adjust the best lighting angle, make you looks best state while working or meeting.
  • 💡 【BROADCAST LIGHTING KIT】The adjustability of 10-100% brightness and 2500-8500K color temperature support offers more choices when you broadcast/live stream/game zoom lighting etc. also features with OLED display for accurate reading and convenient adjustment in real time. You can custom the setting to make yourself look on your best and energetic state for the viewers, even if already worked for a long time or at night.
  • 💡 【LIGHTS FOR ZOOM MEETING】The VILTROX LED video light adopts 24pcs High Quality Color Rendering Index 95+ beads and the Max. brightness illuminance is 720LM. 985Lux/0.5M (0.5M, 5600K 100% power), offer bright but soft light for many remote working, no matter at night or low light environment, and no wires so you can easily place it, like working or meeting on sofa, online class on the outside when after work, live streaming at deep night etc.
  • 💡 【PORTABLE LIGHT FOR OUTDOOR SHOOTING】The light is equipped with built-in rechargeable DC 3.7V 3000aAh lithium battery and USB charging port, continue working time is 1.2h at 5600K 100% brightness, longer if at lower power. From many worries of must charging by AC adapter and it can be charged by laptop, power bank etc, support using while charging for continuous working so that is suitable for indoor and outdoor shooting.
  • 💡 【MINI POCKET VIDEO LIGHT】108g(weight), 4.3*3.1*0.6inch(size), compact and lightweight for carrying even in pocket, it’s smaller than iphone 6, easily to carry by one hand and is a must pack item for your camera bag, very small but puts out a decent amount of light. As a multifunctional mini photography fill light, it is perfect light for video conferencing, video shooting, interview, live streaming, YouTube, studio lighting.

What is a Lume cube?

Mobile phones have evolved considerably over the past couple of years. Videos and photographs are better than ever on mobile phone cameras, but that does not mean they are infallible.

Even though mobile phones take some brilliant video and photographs these days, they do not always have the best lighting. To compensate for the lack of proper lighting, many people use a so-called lume cube. The lume cube is a light cube LED, which provides the right amount of lighting to improve your videos and photography.

Interestingly, the Lume cube is not as large as you may think. In fact, the LED light itself is not much bigger than a golf ball. It connects to your mobile phone in many different ways. It can be connected through micro USB, but also via bluetooth. In fact, you can control the cube LED through bluetooth as well.


It is important to note that the Lume cube can be accompanied by lots of accessories, although you do not really need them for videos or photography. Nevertheless, some of the accessories can prove remarkably useful and can make the general use of your new lume cube a little easier.

When you acquire one of these accessories, it is important to know that you can count on a year-long warranty. Of course, the warranty can be subject to the vendor in question. If you purchase one of these cubes anywhere else than the vendor’s website, be sure that they come with the standard 1-year warranty.

Once you have your cube, be sure to register your product via the Lume-X application. During the registration, make sure that your phone’s bluetooth is turned on. The serial number should be automatically entered and you only have to enter your email address and your name to assign the accessory to your name. By doing this, you can easily contact support or find answers to frequently asked questions.

How long do Lume cubes last?

Since the Lume Cube works on a battery, you must consider the overall battery life for these lights. When you use the device on maximum brightness on full charge, you can expect the lights to last for approximately half an hour. When you use only 50% of the brightness of your lume cube, one full charge can last for a full two hours.

When you have questions about the use of this camera lighting, you can use the Lume cube website. On the website, you can find useful information about the use of this lighting, but also great troubleshooting tips. So, if you are not familiar with additional LED lighting and how you can get the best results for video and photographs, we urge you to read through the website. By going to the lume website, you can also count on excellent customer support for your new accessory.


Things To Remember

The best lights for your mobile phone will be subject to the needs you have. So, it is not just necessary to look at a review for an accessory such as this, but to keep your own requirements in mind as well.

To find a light cube to suit your needs, consider if you need something for video, photographs, or action shots specifically. If action shots are required, you must choose a light that accommodates for movement shots such as these. Remember, action shots are different from selfies or standard videos.

Fortunately, most light solutions for mobile phones accommodate for action shots, but there are a few exceptions to the rule. Therefore, always check if action shots can be done with the light you have in mind.

Finally, make sure you have a good combination of price and quality. While you may like and want to get an accessory with a bunch of features, or pay for the most expensive accessories because you believe they will be the best, keep in mind that the most expensive options are not always the best.

Check the review on each accessory to get several great options you can compare. Once you have read each review and determined your budget and needs, it will be much easier to find a great camera light you like. Of course, you may like one of the suggestions we made today, in which case making a decision will be much easier.