So imagine this:

You’re on a hiking trip and the sunlight’s just right.

You pull a souvenir shop selfie stick from your backpack, and just as you’re attaching it to your GoPro…


Your GoPro fell. Your selfie stick? Now two pieces.


If this has ever happened to you, we feel you! That’s why we jumped at the chance to test the best monopods for GoPro.

5 Best Monopods for GoPro Cameras

Manfrotto Compact Xtreme 2-in-1 Monopod & Pole: Best Overall

Key Features

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 2.2lbs.
  • Minimum Length: 18″ (with the flexible ball head)
  • Maximum Length: 52″

Who says you can’t get professional-quality gear for your GoPro? Not us!

In fact, the best monopod we used comes from a tripod brand for professional photographers.

If you want the best equipment for your hikes, the Manfrotto Compact Xtreme is your pick. This pole will LAST YOU A LIFETIME, and it’s stable enough even for blackout-drunk photos.

Unlike most “budget” selfie sticks, the Nefertiti pole uses high-quality aluminum, so it won’t bend, break, or snap while you’re taking a picture while bungee jumping.

In a hurry? Expand your Manfrotto monopod to full length in LESS than 10 seconds. The aluminum glides smoothly, so you can say goodbye to snags and stuck joints.

Is sightseeing more your vibe? The Manfrotto’s not just a pole! You can fold out the tripod legs at its base, expand to full length, and take still photos of breathtaking waterfalls or a picturesque sunset.

You’ll also happy to know this Manfrotto monopod is stable. Take crisp, picture-perfect shots without blur with its pole setting.

We only wish this monopod had some electronic components on the stick, so it’s easier to take selfies or record video with your camera away from your body.

Unfortunately, the Manfrotto Compact Xtreme doesn’t have that kind of stuff – disappointing given the price.

Is Manfrotto Compact Xtreme For You?

If you live an action-packed life, the Manfrotto Xtreme is the best monopod your money can buy. If the pros use it, so can you.

Not only do you get a monopod that will last you for life, but you also get a sturdy grip at a decent length and extend it in seconds so you can easily record the action as it happens, when it happens.


  • Pole extends in less than 10 seconds
  • Pole grip feels comfortable
  • Tough as nails


  • Expensive

Smatree Q3 Telescoping Selfie Stick: Best Value

Key Features

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 2.2lbs.
  • Maximum Length: 36.6″

When you’re using a GoPro, who better to trust than a GoPro specialist?

Smatree’s a China brand – and okay, sure, China = cheap, but hear us out here. The people who started Smatree? They’re GoPro users, just like you.

Smatree took everything they know from owning GoPro cameras and gave us the Q3.

Don’t be fooled by the “stick” in the name: this is a serious monopod. So convenient, you don’t even have to think about it – so you won’t miss out on the action.

Here’s what we mean:

  • Tired of slippery sticks? The Smatree Q3 is stable enough to stand on its own for taking stills.
  • Need to take self-portraits while running uphill? The wrist strap ties tight around your wrist, so you won’t drop your monopod (and your precious GoPro Hero!) when you lose your grip.
  • Going on a quick day trip to the beach? It’s lightweight and portable, so you can fit it in your day or wet bag. Plus, it extends with just a twist. It’s adjusted the same way, too.

And if you don’t own a GoPro, the Smatree Q3 is cross-compatible.

Do you own compact cameras? Have a 360 camera? A Ricoh Theta? A DJI? SJCAM? Xiaomi Yi?

YOU’RE IN LUCK! The Smatree Q3 fits all those camera models.

And if you feel like taking an indoor photo with your phone’s camera instead, you can install the phone clip instead. You can even set it on a table for indoor shots!

This monopod isn’t without its downsides. Its longest extension is still quite short, so if you’re thinking of a budget option for drone shots, this isn’t your monopod.

Is Smatree Q3 For You?

Who better to get a monopod for your GoPro than the ones who know it best? The Smatree Q3 hits all the criteria for a great choice. Durable construction, lightweight, sturdy. And it’s affordable, to boot!

Plus, they always invite action camera users to test their stuff as VIPs. How’s that for customer service?


  • Easily fits in a day bag
  • Compatible with most portable cameras
  • Wrist strap provides extra security


  • Short extension compared to others

Dolica WT-1003 Lightweight Monopod: Best Budget

Key Features

  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Weight: 0.8kg
  • Minimum Length: 21.3″
  • Maximum Length: 67″

Affordable? Check. It’s just a fraction of the cost of a shinier, fancier name-brand monopod, and it’s just as good.

If you’re interested in taking aerial shots, the Dolica extends to 67″. That’s more than twice the length of the usual!

At less than a kilogram, the Dolica monopod is lightweight enough to take on camping trips, beach excursions, and trekking expeditions.

But there’s a catch, right? It’s cheap, it’s long, but is it durable?

Absolutely. The Dolica monopod supports cameras weighing 6.7lbs, so it can definitely support your GoPro.

There is a catch, and it might be a durability issue. If you’ve used the Dolica monopod long enough, you’ll find that some of the paint chips off, eventually.

Is Dolica WT-1003 For You?

Maybe you blew your money on all the extra gear to pack for your next adventure. Or maybe you’re the type to lose your monopods all the time.

There will always be those of us who enjoy buying affordable gear. And for the budget enthusiast, the Dolica WT-1003 is sturdy, durable, easy to use, and cheap.


  • Long telescoping pole length
  • Supports heavier cameras


  • Bulky when collapsed
  • Paint chips off after some time

GoPro 3-Way

Key Features

  • Material Plastic
  • Weight: 10.6oz.
  • Minimum Length: 7.5”
  • Maximum Length: 20”

If you want to play it safe and have a lot of money to spare, the GoPro 3-way is your pick. Since it’s official GoPro merchandise, you won’t have compatibility issues.

This monopod fits your GoPro Hero like a glove. With how seamless the GoPro 3-way is, it’s LITERALLY YOUR ARM but longer.

Taking selfies from any shooting angle has never been easier. Since the GoPro 3-way has two swivel-ball joints, you can adjust the monopod even from difficult angles.

So whether you’re mountain climbing or scuba diving, you won’t need to contort your arms. Your monopod does that for you.

And now, for the cons.

Look, this is the official, licensed partner for your GoPro camera. This monopod’s made by the same company who gave you your GoPro. So yeah, it’s the most expensive on this list.

We get it.

But why is it made almost completely out of plastic? Come on, GoPro! If you made the best camera for action shots, why not use better construction?

Even budget competitors use aluminum for monopods. And there’s even carbon fiber to consider!

Okay, rant over.

Is GoPro 3-Way For You?

Don’t get us wrong: if you have the money, the GoPro 3-Way is a great choice. It’s easily one of the best monopods around and it’s made for the GoPro.

Sure, it’s made of plastic – so if you’re allergic to plastic, stay away from this monopod. But hey: plastic’s durability is unbeatable. Ever heard of Legos? Those are indestructible. So is this monopod.


  • Waterproof
  • Tiny when collapsed
  • Great for shooting different angles


  • No phone attachment
  • Expensive

Smatree S2C Carbon Fiber Extendable Pole

Key Features

  • Material: Carbon fiber
  • Weight: 11.3 oz
  • Minimum Length: 15.8”
  • Maximum Length: 40.5”

What? Smatree again?

Well, there’s a reason we recommend them: they just work. And they know what you need to take great shots with any action camera.

And there’s one thing that makes this monopod shine above the others: it uses carbon fiber materials in its construction, just like pro photography tripods.

Carbon fiber’s a lightweight, durable material. So if you’re into extreme sports, you can still pull this out and come out with stunning photos and videos.

And here’s an extra-solid bonus: just for a few extra dollars, you can buy your monopod bundled with a wifi remote control!

With this function, you can whip out your phone and shoot a photo or take videos in a snap. No need to fiddle around with your iPhone.

The only con we can find here is it’s too expensive to drop cash on- even more expensive than our best monopod pick! If only it were more affordable, it would’ve easily been our top choice.

Is Smatree S2C For You?

The S2C monopod has all the basic attachments you’d expect from a monopod. It has a carrying case, a wrist strap, a phone clip that fits an iPhone, and a mount for your GoPro Hero.

With all the features and benefits, it’s the complete package… If you have the budget for it.


  • Comfortable and secure wrist strap
  • Carbon fiber feels premium and durable
  • The click lock stays in position even after force


  • Expensive

Why Use GoPro Monopods

Why’d you want to use a monopod anyway?

There’s a tripod for cameras. There’s a selfie stick for phones. Each belongs to its own specialized categories. So why not just get a travel tripod or a separate stick?

Let’s break that down, shall we?

Monopod vs. Tripod

It’s no secret that a tripod is more sturdy and stable than a monopod. So why would you want to bring a monopod for still shots instead?

Well, there are several reasons.

  • A monopod has a small footprint. Store it in your backpack. Go diving with it. Either way, it’s much easier to bring a monopod than a tripod.
  • A monopod is designed for GoPro cameras. There aren’t a lot of action camera tripods in the market, because it defeats the purpose of having a tiny camera. Tripods are bulky!
  • A monopod is easier to adjust than a tripod. You can extend the post of a monopod in seconds and lock it in place just as quickly.

Meanwhile, with a tripod, you’ll need to take your sweet time setting it up, fiddling with the center column, and seeing if the pole legs align.

By the time you finish, you’ve probably already missed your shot.


Monopod vs. Selfie Stick

Did you know that the selfie stick existed 20 years ago?

We’re all familiar with it. It’s a controversial tool, and chances are, you can find them everywhere, from the drugstore to souvenir shops.

At first glance, a monopod and a selfie stick look the same. It’s a pole that expands to a certain length.

But here’s why you want to choose a monopod instead:

  • The durability of a monopod fits the rugged GoPro than a selfie stick would. The latter is flimsy, especially when you extend the pole to a taller length. They can only hold your phone, after all!
  • A monopod can double as a standing pole for still photos and group shots. A selfie stick won’t; it’s purely for gripping in your hand.
  • A monopod has more length options.


For your next adventure, try a monopod. Don’t miss the action by fiddling with the wrong gear.

Remember, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.