GoPro recently announced the launch of its camera Trade-Up program, offering users in the United States the ability to trade up from any previous-generation GoPro, or any other digital camera, to experience its latest and greatest products.

The program was announced as a limited time offer and allowed customers to receive $50 off a new HERO6 Black or $100 off Fusion by participating. Let’s take a look at what this program entailed.

How It Worked

The GoPro Trade Up Program was available for a limited time in 2017, and only accepted previous-generation GoPro models in exchange for a discounted upgrade to a current model.

To participate in the promotion, customers had to sign up on GoPro’s website and provide information about their current camera such as make, model, and condition. Once approved, customers would receive an email with instructions on how to send in their old camera and receive their discount code in return.

The Benefits of the Program

The most obvious benefit of this program was the discounts it offered customers who were interested in upgrading their cameras. By participating in the program, customers could get up to $100 off their purchase of a new HERO6 Black or Fusion camera.

This was particularly beneficial for those who owned older cameras that were no longer supported by software updates or other benefits from GoPro. Additionally, it provided an incentive for more people to upgrade their cameras as well as keep them up-to-date with the latest technologies available from GoPro.


The GoPro Trade Up Program was an excellent way for customers to save money while upgrading their cameras from previous generations to newer models that come with updated features and capabilities.

Unfortunately, this program is no longer available but it did provide an opportunity for many customers to get great deals on some amazing cameras from GoPro. If you’re looking for ways to save money on your next camera purchase, you can try selling your old GoPro through online marketplaces.